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API Consistency

SpiceDB's v1 API provides the ability to specify the desired consistency level on a per-request basis. This allows for the API consumers dynamically trade-off less fresh data for more performance when possible.

Consistency is provided via the Consistency message on supported API calls.


APIDefault Consistency
All other APIsminimize_latency



minimize_latency will attempt to minimize the latency of the API call, using whatever caches are available.

WARNING: If used exclusively, this can lead to a window of time where the New Enemy Problem can occur.

Consistency {
    minimize_latency: true


at_least_as_fresh will ensure that all data used for computing the response is at least as fresh as the point-in-time specified in the ZedToken.

If newer information is available, it will be used.

Consistency {
    at_least_as_fresh: ZedToken { token: "..." }


at_exact_snapshot will ensure that all data used for computing the response is that found at the exact point-in-time specified in the ZedToken.

If the snapshot is not available, an error will be raised.

Consistency {
    at_exact_snapshot: ZedToken { token: "..." }


fully_consistent will ensure that all data used is fully consistent with the latest data available within the SpiceDB datastore.

Note that the snapshot used will be loaded at the beginning of the API call, and that new data written after the API starts executing will be ignored.

WARNING: Use of fully_consistent means little caching will be available, which means performance will suffer. Only use if a ZedToken is not available or absolutely latest information is required.

Consistency {
    fully_consistent: true