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Expedited Support

Expedited Support

Expedited Support is an additional service sold by AuthZed to ensure that your workloads are operating with best practices for performance and reliability.

AuthZed's products come with a default level of support with the ability to upgrade for an additional cost.


Gold Support

Gold Support is the package for those running critical, production SpiceDB workloads.

Service includes:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Critical Support: 1hr response SLA
  • Non-critical Support: 24hr response SLA

Private emails are provided for critical support that are integrated with the AuthZed engineering on-call.

Non-critical support is prioritized through (opens in a new tab) or

Silver Support

Silver Support is the package best suited for those in pre-production or non-critical environments.

Service includes:

  • Business-hours Support
  • All Support: 24hr response SLA

All support is prioritized through (opens in a new tab) or

Basic Support

Basic Support is free, best-effort support provided by AuthZed.

All support is done through (opens in a new tab) or

Community Support

Community support is available to absolutely everyone and does not require any form of payment or usage of Authzed products.

Discord (opens in a new tab) is the first line of support for asking questions or getting help with SpiceDB.

For bug reports, feature requests, or questions GitHub issues (opens in a new tab) is also available.

While AuthZed's products are proprietary, lots of the software used to deliver these products are open source. Many folks participating in these open source communities are AuthZed customers or employees that have relevant experience.


Warning: Help from the community is a volunteer effort.

Be appreciative of any help you receive and always follow the Code of Conduct (opens in a new tab).

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