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Workload Isolation

Workload Isolation

Workload Isolation is functionality exclusive to AuthZed products that guarantees exclusive access to hardware to guarantee performance.

Control Plane

Services that are secondary to serving real-time requests run one shared workload called the control plane.

These services include:

  • AuthZed management UI and its accompanying machinery
  • Observability services for the SRE team (e.g. Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger)
  • Compliance infrastructure


Example Architecture Diagram

Workload Isolation Diagram

Low-latency Workloads on Kubernetes

AuthZed has presented a video to the CNCF (opens in a new tab) documenting some of the critical components to running low-latency workloads on Kubernetes. The technologies presented partially describe the implementation of Workload Isolation in AuthZed products:

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