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Picking a Product

Picking the right AuthZed Product

For those that want to consume SpiceDB without the overhead of operating the service, AuthZed offers managed SpiceDB services and support.

When evaluating AuthZed's products, there are a few different requirements that can dramatically influence your decision. This document is designed to give a high-level overview so that you can effectively evaluate those relevant to your specific use case.

Feature Matrix

The following table maps functional requirements to their respective products:

RequirementsOpen SourceServerless (opens in a new tab)CloudDedicatedEnterprise
Management Dashboard
No-commit pricing
Private NetworkingDIYDIY
Workload IsolationDIYDIY
Automated UpdatesDIYDIY
SOC2 Compliance (opens in a new tab)DIYDIY
Audit Logging
Security Embargo

Product Overviews


Dedicated is a managed service that offers fully private deployments of our cloud platform in your cloud provider and regions of choice.

Dedicated features highlights include:

Dedicated is sold and renewed on an annual basis.

You can schedule a call (opens in a new tab) to learn more.


AuthZed Enterprise provides access to a licensed version of enterprise releases of SpiceDB for running in self-hosted/on-premise environments.

You can schedule a call (opens in a new tab) to learn more.


Info: We're currently admitting folks into the wait-list for AuthZed Cloud Early Access.

To apply, schedule a call (opens in a new tab).

AuthZed Cloud is our upcoming, self-service authorization platform.

Upcoming functionality includes:

  • Creating organizations, teams, and delegating access with your SSO provider
  • Commitment-free, monthly pricing
  • Workload Isolation vastly improving performance & latency
  • Deployments in more regions, including Europe
  • Full SpiceDB API access: Watch API, HTTP API
  • Enterprise features like Audit Logs, Restricted API Access
  • Removal of Serverless limitations: no rate-limits or prefixes required

AuthZed Cloud is built on the same foundation that's serving critical production workloads in AuthZed Dedicated. During Early Access, the self-service control-plane functionality is considered experimental, but SpiceDB continues to operate with its existing level of reliability and performance.


Serverless (opens in a new tab) is the Authzed product for self-service, shared-hardware SpiceDB clusters for evaluation purposes.

  • This is a fully managed service run by the experts at Authzed.
  • Clusters are autonomously configured and scaled without any configuration necessary.
  • Provision and manage permission systems and view real time metrics all from one place: our dashboard.

Warning: Serverless is not an accurate representation of Dedicated/Cloud performance.

Serverless lacks Workload Isolation and hardware configurations customized for your usage patterns.

Serverless charges on a monthly billing period based on API usage.

API usage is measured in two dimensions: operations (dispatches) and storage (relationships stored).

The first 1 million of each are free.

DimensionPrice per Million
Dispatched Operations$1
Relationships Stored$1

To understand and calculate your workloads' dispatches, you can refer to the documentation on debugging requests.

Open Source

We understand that AuthZed's product suite will not satisfy all use cases and, for that reason, we've built and continue to invest in an open-source community around SpiceDB.

Community support is available to absolutely everyone and does not require any form of payment or usage of AuthZed products.

Discord (opens in a new tab) is the first line of support for asking questions or getting help with SpiceDB in real time. GitHub Discussions (opens in a new tab) is also available for asynchronous questions. For bug reports, feature requests, and development discussion, GitHub Issues (opens in a new tab) are available to all for participation.

The community encompasses not only folks paid to contribute, but maintainers and end-users volunteering their time to answer your questions.

Please be respectful and read over the community Code of Conduct (opens in a new tab) before interacting.

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