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SpiceDB Dedicated is AuthZed's managed, hosted version of SpiceDB (with additional enterprise-grade features) for customers, with private, isolated clusters operated by our expert SRE team.

  • Deployments are located next to your workloads to keep latency low. Locked down exclusively to you.
  • Each deployment operates in its own cloud account and peering only with your private network.
  • Dedicated clusters can allocate resources to multiple SpiceDB clusters.

What is included in SpiceDB Dedicated?

SpiceDB Dedicated delivers raw compute where users choose how they want to provision SpiceDB clusters of varying sizes.

Compute is purchasable in buckets that equate to what can operate a normalized SpiceDB cluster at 600 permission checks per second. Each bucket can only be allocated to one cloud region.

Additionally, the following can be purchased by SpiceDB Dedicated users:

  • Gold Support: 24/7 1-hour initial response SLA
  • Silver Support: business-hours 24-hour initial response SLA
  • Solutions Engineering: 20-hour increments of solutions engineering to aid application integration or SpiceDB feature development

For more information, you can review the pricing page or schedule an introductory call

How is SpiceDB Dedicated isolated?

Compute is isolated to its own cloud provider subaccount. All resources are allocated into a VPC and peered only with the user's own VPC and the systems used to provision and manage these resources.


More information can be found on the AuthZed pricing page.