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SpiceDB Dedicated is a complete environment for deploying and managing your own SpiceDB Permissions Systems using SpiceDB Enterprise.

  • Provision multiple isolated SpiceDB Enterprise Permissions Systems
  • Create Fine-Grained Access Tokens for your clients
  • Capture full audit logs with SpiceDB request audit logging
  • Multi-region support
  • Visualize key performance indicators
  • Scale by adding more Compute & Storage
  • Includes SpiceDB Enterprise
  • SOC 2 Compliant & backed by our uptime SLA
  • Deployed to be highly available and across multiple AZs
  • Connect privately from your VPC
  • Includes AuthZed Silver Support

SpiceDB Dedicated comes with a management console accessible via SSO that lets you create and manage SpiceDB Permissions Systems: a collection of clusters of SpiceDB Enterprise instances. They can be deployed in a single cloud region or across multiple regions.

Please schedule a call to learn more.

How is SpiceDB Dedicated deployed?

AuthZed provisions and manages an environment for you in a private account within our cloud provider organization. It comes with everything needed to run single and multi-region SpiceDB Permissions Systems in a cloud of your choice. We support AWS and GCP today, with Azure support coming. All resources are fully isolated and dedicated to you.


SpiceDB Dedicated is tailored to your needs using resource-based pricing (vCPU, memory, and storage). We'll be able to provide pricing after a quick consultation.

Please schedule a call to learn more.