Built upon our experience at

We've designed a dynamic, centralized, permissions database, inspired by Google's tried-and-true Zanzibar system.

An industry best practice, Google, Airbnb, and Carta have all adopted similar internal permissions services.

Save your engineers from reinventing the wheel.

Dynamic and Flexible

Authzed stores data as relationships, not tables

No matter what your application's existing access control model looks like, Authzed can handle it.

Model your own unique requirements in an expressive schema language.
Your permissions system can evolve as your app evolves.

Authzed has the complete picture

With all relationships stored in a dedicated database, permissions are decoupled from your code and multiple services can query and update concurrently.

Need non-relational permissions logic? Authzed can be queried from policy engines to make decisions without any synchronization fears.
Leverage APIs that are optimized for accessing permissions data.
Full Lifecycle

Authzed is a complete service

Design, validate, deploy, and update your permissions on one platform. Take the stress and risk out of permissions systems updates.

Reduce maintenance overhead and decouple permissions operations from your app.
Exhaustively test all access possibilities before ever integrating with your app.
Easy Integrations

We're designed for developers

Authzed offers flexible APIs that can be integrated into existing application code along with dev tools and environments to build confidently.

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experts agree

Resilient globally distributed services like Authzed are exactly the kind of workloads we had in mind when we created CockroachDB. Authzed has the opportunity to redefine how we think about application permissions at a fundamental level.

We knew when building Indent, we’d need a permission service similar to the one at Google, but we didn’t have the resources to spend on the mountain of effort required to build it.