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Flexible APIs that can be integrated into existing application code.
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Client libraries available in a number of languages.
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Complicated permissions
made easy

Developers massively underestimate the time and effort required to implement even basic permissions for SaaS or enterprise applications. We’ve even modeled common designs, so you don’t have to.

Validate correctness before altering code

Our tools enable developers to design, validate, and iterate before spending time integrating with their applications. Slow, expensive security audits are no longer the only way to gain confidence in your permissions.

Share permissions across services

Because all applications can query Authzed, developers are always a single API call from checking permissions on any data they’re working with: even when it’s “owned” by another application.

Adopt the industry best practice

Companies such as Google, GitHub, and Airbnb have all adopted internal permissions services. Authzed is inspired by the authorization system described in the Zanzibar paper.

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