New: 2 dev tools launched! SpiceDB LSP support and VS Code extension now available

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Unblock your business with an authorization system inspired by Google's Zanzibar white paper.

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SpiceDB: inspired by Google's Zanzibar
Evolved by AuthZed

The most mature open source Zanzibar implementation designed for both consistency and performance at scale.

Authorize anything, anywhere

Define fine-grained access for any object in your application or across your product suite and manage permissions using a centralized schema.

Minimize latency, maximize correctness

Specify consistency requirements per authorization check; tunable consistency features balance performance and correctness according to your use case.

Policy that scales

Determine attribute-based access (ABAC) with SpiceDB Caveats - our novel design for blending policy with a Zanzibar-based system.

Who has access?

SpiceDB returns lists of authorized subjects and accessible resources, helpful when pre-filtering permission-based results.

Ops-friendly permissions systems

Instrumented with observability tooling, a powerful Kubernetes Operator, and load testing capabilities, SpiceDB prioritizes both developer and platform engineering experiences.

Enterprise-ready products available

Love SpiceDB but not the idea of running a highly available, globally distributed, and mission-critical service? The AuthZed team is here to take the pager!


Our Customers

Permissions systems
on easy mode.

Highly available,
securely managed
permissions systems

AuthZed Dedicated prioritizes resiliency and safety because we recognize your users are counting on us, too.

Fault tolerance
We deploy all components of AuthZed Dedicated permissions systems across multiple instances and availability zones.
Distributed deployment
AuthZed can distribute permissions systems across multiple regions to ensure service survival during regional outages.
Workload isolation
Your workloads remain safe from noisy neighbors: all resources are fully isolated and dedicated to your system.
Global availability
Choose any region currently supported by AWS or GCP. Azure support coming soon!
Security & compliance admin features
Designate bounded access to SpiceDB APIs using access tokens and review all activity in audit logs.
Private networking
Only allow trusted networks to connect to permissions systems, eliminating entire classes of security risks.

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AuthZed Blog

AuthZed Raises Series A Funding from General Catalyst

Jake Moshenko
June 27, 2024
AuthZed announces $12 million of Series A fundraising to build and commercialize our next round of big bets in modern authorization.
8 minutes

Launching 2 New Developer Tools: LSP and VS Code Extension

Joey Schorr
June 26, 2024
Announcing 2 new developer tools for SpiceDB: a Language Server Protocol implementation within SpiceDB and a new extension for Visual Studio Code that provides the capabilities of Playground!
4 minutes

Announcing Reflection APIs in SpiceDB

Joey Schorr
June 3, 2024
SpiceDB v1.33.0 introduces experimental reflection APIs that provide deeper insights into your authorization schema. Explore how these APIs can empower dynamic schema-based decision-making and streamline your authorization workflows.
5 minutes

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