SpiceDB is 100% open source. Please help us by starring our GitHub repo.

SpiceDB Operator

Open source Kubernetes Operator for deploying SpiceDB and optimizing Day-1 and Day-2 operations.

Open Source

SpiceDB Operator

Deploy and manage SpiceDB with our official Kubernetes SpiceDB Operator.

kubectl create spicedbcluster

Create, manage, and scale SpiceDB clusters with a single Kubernetes resource.

Zero-Downtime Datastore Migrations

Run painless migrations regardless of your backing datastore or SpiceDB version.

Automated Update Channels

Configure clusters to follow release channels and automatically roll out updates.

Built by Kubernetes Experts

Built by the Operator Framework creators and powered by a best practice controller library: controller-idioms.

Get Started

Install via kubectl to start deploying your own SpiceDB Permissions Systems.

SpiceDB Clients
Integrate your Applications

Leverage official and community client libraries for quick application integration.

Community Support

Learn and get help from a growing community of SpiceDB and Zanzibar enthusiasts on AuthZed's Discord.

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