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Our North Star

We're 100% focused on authorization.

We build the tools companies need to provide performant and scalable authorization for their applications.

Our North Star


Every request needs to be authorized but never at the expense of user experience.



Our solutions need to support 1,000,000 requests per second just as well as 1,000.



Enabling zero-trust architecture starts by enforcing it in our own environments.



Founding Team

We’re founded by 3 successful entrepreneurs with expertise in enterprise software, most recently as leaders at Red Hat. Jake and Joey met on the APIs team at Google in 2010. They went on to found Quay, where Jimmy joined as their first hire. Over the past decade, they’ve changed the landscape for building and deploying software.

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Understanding Google Zanzibar: A Comprehensive Overview

Jake Moshenko
May 12, 2021
What is Google Zanzibar? Why did they build it? And why is it important? I'll break down and answer those questions based on the research paper and from our experience building SpiceDB, the open source, fine-grained permissions database inspired by Google Zanzibar.
12 minutes

A Primer on Modern Enterprise Authorization (AuthZ) Systems

Damian Sieczkowski
September 6, 2023
At AuthZed, we've gotten a great glimpse at how companies are looking to solve their end-user authorization challenges. Find out what solution the market is converging on, the use-cases driving adoption, and what you can expect when moving to a Google Zanzibar like authorization system.
7 minutes

Google-Scale Authorization: Getting to 1 Million QPS on SpiceDB Dedicated with CockroachDB

Victor Roldan Betancort
July 12, 2023
Discover how we managed to test 1 million requests per second on SpiceDB Dedicated, backed by CockroachDB. The post provides a detailed overview of our setup and methodology, infrastructure considerations, the process of generating test data and load, among other aspects. It also includes comprehensive performance results from our tests.
20 minutes

Secure First

Our products are built with security as a foundation.
  • Encryption at rest
  • Fully isolated deployments
  • Private VPC interconnectivity
  • Fine-grained API key management
  • Audit logging
  • SOC2 certified
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Built in the Open

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