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SpiceDB Enterprise

License the production-ready version of SpiceDB we use in our managed services for your deployments.


SpiceDB Enterprise

Commercially licensed SpiceDB package that includes additional enterprise functionality built by AuthZed.

Least-privilege API access tokens

Ensure services safely interface with your permissions system by creating rules for who can perform certain API calls like write/delete relationships or check requests.

Audit logging

Detailed records of state changes within your permissions system published to a log sink - useful for both debugging and compliance requirements.

Security embargo program

AuthZed follows responsible vulnerability reporting practices: customers receive notice, fixes, and remediation time before exploits are made public.

Annual subscriptions

AuthZed self-hosted products are licensed annually and are available in any region. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Enterprise support

Get peace of mind with expert support from AuthZed for self-hosted deployments.

Community support

Learn and get help from a growing community of SpiceDB and Zanzibar enthusiasts on AuthZed's Discord.

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