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Authzed joins the CNCF

August 17, 2022|2 min read

It is my absolute pleasure to announce today that Authzed has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Linux Foundation.

When the CNCF was founded in July 2015, we knew this was a momentous change in the industry. At the time, the Authzed founding team and a few of our first hires were pioneering containerization at CoreOS. CoreOS had just recently influenced the creation of the Open Container Initiative and launched Tectonic as the first commercial distribution of Kubernetes. The cloud native boom had begun and we were ecstatic to be leading the charge.

In the following years, our team continued to shape the cloud native ecosystem while working at CoreOS and, our eventual acquirer, Red Hat. We created staple projects such as Quay, Clair, and the Operator Framework in addition to substantial contributions to projects such as Kubernetes, etcd, the OCI distribution spec, Helm, Prometheus, The Update Framework, Notary, and gRPC. Since starting Authzed in 2020, we've only continued our momentum in the cloud native ecosystem.

Our mission at CoreOS was to build Google's Infrastructure For Everyone Else (GIFEE) and SpiceDB is the latest addition to that trend by taking inspiration from Google's Zanzibar. As such, when we open sourced SpiceDB, we did so with the upmost alignment with cloud-native best practices. The codebase is written in Go, licensed Apache 2.0, uses the CNCF Code of Conduct, has an open proposal process, and follows the OpenSSF best practices. The SpiceDB community has built integrations and contributed to adjecent CNCF projects such as Kubernetes, Open Policy Agent, and Prometheus.

However, now it's official: the SpiceDB community and the cloud-native community are one in the same. We're looking forward to bolstering the community and making sure that everyone has access to software to build secure systems.

If you're interested in learning more about SpiceDB, you can check out our GitHub repository or chat with hundreds of like-minded folks in our community Discord.

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