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The CTO Show Podcast: The Frontlines of Tech - Building, Scaling, and Innovating with Purpose

February 15, 2024|2 min read

In this podcast episode hosted by The CTO Show, Jake Moshenko, CEO and co-founder of AuthZed, delves into the challenges and insights he has gained through his entrepreneurial journey, particularly focusing on the development and mission of AuthZed.

Jake Moshenko's Background and AuthZed Introduction

  • Jake Moshenko, CEO and co-founder of AuthZed, shares his journey from Michigan to founding AuthZed.
  • Early fascination with building led to studying computer engineering at the University of Michigan.
  • Career trajectory included Boeing, Amazon, Google, and entrepreneurship with Quay, which was acquired by CoreOS, then Red Hat, and eventually IBM.
  • AuthZed focuses on authorization services, aiming to simplify and secure access control for companies.

The Genesis of Innovative Products

  • Jake discusses the motivation behind his ventures, emphasizing solving problems he encountered.
  • The creation of Quay was a response to a need for a private Docker registry, indicating a pattern of addressing direct challenges faced during development.
  • AuthZed was founded to address the repetitive and complex task of building secure authorization systems within companies.

Evolution of the Cloud-Native Ecosystem

  • Jake reflects on the cloud-native ecosystem's evolution, highlighting the shift towards more complex deployment and management of software across global services.
  • CoreOS's role in this evolution was significant, aiming to democratize Google's infrastructure style for broader use.

AuthZed's Unique Approach to Permissions and Authorization

  • AuthZed's mission is to provide a scalable, flexible solution for authorization, moving beyond traditional role-based access control (RBAC) models to accommodate complex, share-heavy applications like Google Docs.
  • The service aims to be the last authorization system a company needs, focusing on security, scalability, and ease of integration.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

  • Jake's leadership style is influenced by his experiences at tech giants and his own ventures, with a focus on servant leadership.
  • He discusses the intrinsic motivation and risk tolerance necessary for entrepreneurship, emphasizing the joy and challenge of building new solutions.

The Future of AuthZed and Cloud-Native Technologies

  • Jake envisions AuthZed becoming integral to companies' authorization strategies, providing insights and controls across various applications and services.
  • He predicts continued innovation and integration within the cloud-native ecosystem, especially in edge computing and functions as a service.

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