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Authzed Raises $3.9M to Solve Application Permissions Space Challenges

April 21, 2021|2 min read

I’m pleased to announce that Authzed, has raised $3.9 million dollars to solve problems in the application permissions space (Read about it in TechCrunch). Our lead investor is Work—Bench, an enterprise-focused venture capital firm located right here in NYC. Additional investment was provided by Amplify Partners, YCombinator, and a dream team of angel investors from the industry. You can learn more about our investors and team on our team page.

When Joey and I first built Quay back in 2013, we were hardly green developers. We had both been developing software professionally for nearly a decade at that time, including time at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and our own startup DevTable. All of that experience didn’t stop us from making the same mistake that we see developers make every day: assuming that permissions are easy. After all, you can just throw some rows in the database, and then make authorization decisions in your code based on the presence or absence of those rows! Our naivete became apparent as we started to scale both features and traffic.

After seeing so many entrepreneurs and engineers struggle with this critical application component, we decided to set forth and fix it. We’ve been working on this problem since the middle of 2020, sketching out ideas and building some of the core components that are required to create a highly technical and sensitive application component such as permissions. Now we’re ready to start scaling up the concepts. The capital that we’ve announced today will unlock our ability to hire the best talent and build the best product that we can. We’re incredibly grateful to all of the people who are betting on us, with their time, expertise, and money.

I hope you’re as excited as we are to embark on the next chapter of this journey!

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