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Product Update: October

November 1, 2021|3 min read

Our first month of open source goodness

It's been a full month since we've open sourced SpiceDB. In that time, we've seen a ton of engagement, feedback, contributions, and adoption. We are incredibly grateful for all of the community involvement. As such, we're continuing the trend of returning to our open source roots by doubling down on our community.

The community is now driving various proposals:

We'd also like to highlight a few new contributors:

  • Pedro Faria da Costa (@costop) ran performance testing and vastly improved the SpiceDB Postgres datastore by adding an additional index.
  • Jon Whitaker (@jonwhitty) has been contributing a ton to our larger proposals for multi-tenancy and caching.
  • Jacobus Meulen (@sjaakiejj) and Jan Brauer (@bracki) collaborated to completely overhaul the authzed-node library with a Typescript API.

Are you out of the loop? In addition to posting weekly blog posts, we're now officially posting monthly wrap-ups of events and new functionality we've added to Authzed. We're also giving everyone a little taste of our Slack's random channel and all of it's off-topic goodness.

October Updates

  • SpiceDB v1.1.0 was released. Highlights include a new JSON API and improved performance and reliability.
  • Zed v0.1.4 was released. Highlights include support for Windows and new commands for lookup, read, and copying schemas.
  • Jimmy open sourced the Authzed Docs, where the canonical SpiceDB documentation lives
  • Sam open sourced Servok, a simple alternative to xDS for client-side load balancing peer discovery
  • Evan presented to the Chaos Mesh community about how we test the CockroachDB datastore for SpiceDB.
  • The community added Typescript support to authzed-node.
  • We've migrated to using a CLA so that users need only sign once to contribute to any project.
  • A ton of good discussion in Discord lead to the creation of two new channels: development and intros
  • We took the team to see Dune. "SpiceDB" is no coincidence: keep on the look out for more Dune references!

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