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Startup Chronicles Podcast Episode: From Curiosity to Innovation

February 28, 2024|2 min read

On the most recent edition of the Startup Chronicles Podcast, Max Anthony engages in a conversation with Jake Moshenko, CEO and co-founder of AuthZed. Throughout the episode, Jake recounts his path from an early career at leading tech corporations like Boeing, Amazon, and Google to launching his own companies, including AuthZed.

He dives into the obstacles he encountered, the insights gained through these experiences, and AuthZed's pioneering mission. This episode provides an in-depth exploration of the complex solutions AuthZed offers for authorization issues, alongside Jake's insights into leadership, product innovation, and navigating the tech startup scene.

Journey of an Entrepreneur: Jake Moshenko

  • Journey: Jake Moshenko discusses his evolution from minor projects to becoming a notable entrepreneur.
  • Professional Milestones: Insights into Jake's foundational years at Boeing, Amazon, and Google, culminating in his entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Gleaning Wisdom: Reflecting on the pivotal lessons from his career and the development of a successful iPhone application.

The Inception and Vision of AuthZed

  • AuthZed was conceived out of the inspiration from Google's Zanzibar white paper, aiming to revolutionize authorization systems for developers.
  • Jake articulates AuthZed's mission to streamline and enhance efficiency in complex authorization processes for businesses.

Insights into Leadership and Management

  • Jake unveils his leadership philosophy, influenced by previous mentors and a servant leadership model.
  • The significance of problem understanding and user empathy in product development is highlighted.

DevTable to Quay: A Transition Story

  • The narrative of Jake's initial venture, DevTable, its challenges, and the strategic pivot to Quay, a significant Docker ecosystem innovation.
  • The journey through Quay's transition to CoreOS, and ultimately to Red Hat and IBM, shedding light on the challenges and learning experiences.

AuthZed: Technical Challenges and Market Strategy

  • An in-depth look at the technical hurdles faced in developing AuthZed and its competitive edge in the market.
  • Discussion on customer engagement, the value of genuine feedback, and tactics for market penetration and awareness.

Guidance for Budding Entrepreneurs

  • Jake imparts crucial advice for novices in the tech field, focusing on belief, readiness, and embracing the entrepreneurial path.
  • The importance of deep market understanding and flexibility in business approaches is emphasized.

Forecasting AuthZed and Technological Trends

  • Jake shares his vision for AuthZed's future, its impact on the tech sector, and anticipates the progression of cloud-native technologies.

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