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AuthZed Dedicated

Designed for production environments, AuthZed provides SpiceDB permissions systems that run on dedicated resources isolated from other workloads.

Managed Service

AuthZed Dedicated

Private, fully-isolated SaaS

Managed SpiceDB permissions systems optimized to deliver highly available, consistent, and performant authorization at global scale.

Outage survival

AuthZed Dedicated permissions systems are designed to survive cloud provider outages when distributed across multiple regions.

No noisy neighbor

Reserved and isolated resources prevent unexpected fluctuations in performance due to spikes in other customer environments.

Secure networking access

Private networking secures your authorization operations by allowing access only to trusted connections.

Global consistency and performance

Optionally co-locate your permissions systems adjacent to your workloads, even across multiple regions without compromising on consistency.

Resource-based Pricing

Our team helps optimize your permissions system and right-size your resource reservation to deliver the most value.

Security and compliance

Security is at the heart of our operations. We are SOC2 and GDPR compliant.

Monitoring and support

View live metrics in the management dashboard. Something seem wrong? We can help - AuthZed Dedicated includes silver support.

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