Check out the Google Zanzibar paper, annotated with expert commentary!


Open source, Fine Grained Authorization (FGA) software inspired by Google Zanzibar for building modern, future-proof CIAM authorization systems for your business.

Open Source


Collaborate on and deploy SpiceDB, the open-source engine that powers all of AuthZed.

SpiceDB Schema Language

Represent your unique authorization needs clearly and concisely.

Authorization APIs

Dedicated APIs for CRUD permissions, listing all access, ACL filtering, and more.

Relationships Graph

Powered by a parallel graph-engine faithful to the architecture described in Google's Zanzibar paper.

Client Set Consistency

Configure per-request consistency to minimize latency or maximize security.

Get Started

Choose your installation method: Homebrew, Docker, the SpiceDB Operator, or download the binary.

Get to Know SpiceDB

Learn common terminology, how to write your first SpiceDB Schema, view the SpiceDB gRPC API Specification, and more.

Community Support

Learn and get help from a growing community of SpiceDB and Zanzibar enthusiasts on AuthZed's Discord.


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