Learn how AuthZed helped Turo with their complex authorization requirements

SpiceDB Self-Hosted

License the production-ready version of SpiceDB we use in our managed services for your deployments.


SpiceDB Self-Hosted

SpiceDB with additional features for production deployments.

Fine Grained API Keys

Generate client identity access tokens tied to roles and permissions.

Security Embargo

You'll be the first to know and gain access to critical security software patches.

Get the Latest

Get access to the latest features as we build them for our deployments of SpiceDB Dedicated.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual global subscription for SpiceDB Self-Hosted. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Response SLA Support

Get peace of mind with expert support from AuthZed for self-hosted deployments.

Community Support

Learn and get help from a growing community of SpiceDB and Zanzibar enthusiasts on AuthZed's Discord.

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