Check out the Google Zanzibar paper, annotated with expert commentary!

SpiceDB Serverless

Get started fast with highly-available SpiceDB Permissions Systems deployed on our secure infrastructure. Start small and scale up as needed.

Managed Service

SpiceDB Serverless

Deploy SpiceDB Permissions Systems in AuthZed's secure infrastructure.

Fast Deployment

Create an account and start deploying SpiceDB Permission Systems today.

Usage-Based Billing

Only pay for the API calls your application needs to make—scale as needed.

Multi-Region Support Coming Soon

Deploy single-region SpiceDB Permissions Systems today, multi-region support coming soon.

Usage-Based Pricing

Metered by Dispatched Operations (DOs) and stored Relationships. $1 per million DOs and $1 per million stored Relationships.


Learn and get help from a growing community of SpiceDB and Zanzibar enthusiasts on AuthZed's Discord.

Deploy Your First Application

Get started building your first SpiceDB Permissions System using our step-by-step guide.


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