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SpiceDB SLA Support

Leverage AuthZed's expertise and response SLA support for to keep your self-hosted deployments safe.


SpiceDB SLA Support

Don't go it alone - leverage AuthZed's expertise with SpiceDB deployments.

Onboarding Services

AuthZed's support team will guide you toward a best-practice deployment.

Response-Time SLA

Get responses to critical, business-impacting issues within a defined timeframe.

Security Embargo

You'll be the first to know and gain access to critical security software patches.

Annual Subscriptions

Choose from Gold—24/7 1-hour response time, or Silver—9/5 1 business day response time.

SpiceDB Self-Hosted

License the production-ready version of SpiceDB we use in our managed services.

Community Support

Learn and get help from a growing community of SpiceDB and Zanzibar enthusiasts on AuthZed's Discord.

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