Product Update: August

Product Update: August

August is for Authzed

Another month, another product update! This month included a few major user-facing changes such as¬†live metrics on every permission system and guided tours to walk you through¬†the dashboard and playground. Behind the scenes, we’ve been chugging along on the distributed systems¬†that¬†scale Authzed planet-wide! We also got a new coworker!

ICYMI last time: in addition to posting weekly blog posts, we’re¬†now officially¬†posting monthly wrap-ups of events and new¬†functionality we’ve added to Authzed. We’re also giving everyone a little taste of our Slack’s random channel and all of it’s off-topic goodness.

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August Updates

  • Evan Cordell¬†has joined the team! We loved working with him back at CoreOS and now he’s¬†returning to his authorization¬†roots, but¬†instead of¬†macaroons, this time he’s¬†embracing Zanzibar
  • All users now have live latency metrics¬†for each permission system in their dashboard
  • We open sourced prom-authzed-proxy – the proxy we use to allow our users to securely access our internal Prometheus stack
  • Jimmy wrote about our philosophy on what it takes to be a Cloud-Native SaaS¬†and how we plan to increase transparency and¬†integrate with our users' SRE tooling
  • The playground got a facelift, includes¬†a guided tour for first-timers, and has the ability to deploy straight to production when you’re logged in!
  • Jake & Jimmy recorded a video of them modeling GitHub’s permissions
  • Java, Ruby, and Node found their way into the Protecting Your First App guide
  • Speaking of client libraries, they now all have feature parity, stable releases in their respective package ecosystem, and consistent examples to help get you started
  • Looking to build something awesome? We posted our first jobs listing¬†for all you ambitious SREs out there

Entropy from #random

  • We tried Facebook’s new “metaverse”, but it turns out it’s just¬†another way of tricking you into more meetings!
  • I’m not one for conspiracies, but Pfizer did¬†announce phase 2 of their Lyme disease vaccine trials right after the New Yorker published¬†a popular¬†writeup¬†on the subject? This has got to be¬†the vaccine conspiracy everyone’s talking about!
  • Julia¬†Evans added a new blog post on confusing explanations¬†–¬†not that we’ve ever written anything confusing, right?
  • Go 1.17 shipped with a fairly substantial performance increase! We love it¬†when we¬†do nothing and our products just keep getting faster.
  • Folks, remember that when shopping around the CNCF landscape,¬†always remember to consume responsibly:
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