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Cloud-Native Permissions Management with The Digital Executive podcast

March 17, 2024|2 min read

In this episode of The Digital Executive Podcast, Jake Moshenko, co-founder and CEO of AuthZed, shares insights into his company's mission and the technology behind SpiceDB.

AuthZed’s Mission and SpiceDB

  • AuthZed aims to simplify permissions for developers, addressing the scalability and flexibility issues in permission models.
  • SpiceDB is presented as an open-core project led by AuthZed, bringing relation-based access control to the developer community.

Challenges in the Cloud-Native Ecosystem

  • Jake outlines the operational and permission management challenges in cloud-native development, emphasizing the complexity of authorization in microservices architectures.
  • AuthZed addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive permissions solution, aiming to simplify and secure application development.

AI and Machine Learning in AuthZed’s Strategy

  • AI and machine learning are considered crucial for enhancing AuthZed's capabilities, particularly in permissions management.
  • The company plans to leverage existing AI technologies and APIs to improve their platform, focusing on accelerating and simplifying the permissions modeling process for customers.

Future Goals and Aspirations for AuthZed

  • Jake aims to make AuthZed a ubiquitous solution in permissions management, fostering network effects by enabling different applications to use a unified permissions database.
  • He envisions creating seamless, integrated experiences across software suites, similar to Google's ecosystem, to enhance user workflows and security.

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