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Snowpal Podcast Episode - Authorization as a Service

March 15, 2024|2 min read

Episode Summary

Target Market and Use Cases for AuthZed

AuthZed caters to a wide range of companies, regardless of size or industry, facing challenges with implementing complex or unexpected authorization workflows in their applications. The service simplifies permissions management, enhancing product security and velocity by allowing flexible adjustments to meet changing product requirements.

Integration and Application of AuthZed

For backend systems and web applications, AuthZed provides a solution for managing permissions requests efficiently. By answering whether a user is allowed to perform specific actions based on their identity, AuthZed facilitates secure and flexible access control decisions within applications.

Design and Runtime Considerations

AuthZed's schema allows for the customization of permissions and relationships to tailor the service to specific application needs. This design-time configuration establishes the rules of engagement with AuthZed, setting the foundation for runtime operations where actual user permissions are managed and validated through API calls.

Addressing Common Concerns

  1. Building vs. Buying: Jake emphasizes focusing on core competencies and leveraging specialized services for non-core functionalities. He advises against reinventing the wheel for aspects of the product that do not offer a competitive advantage, highlighting the maintenance and innovation benefits of using established solutions.
  2. Trust and Reliability: Trusting a startup like AuthZed comes with considerations about the company's longevity and data security. However, Jake points out that AuthZed's open-source foundation with SpiceDB mitigates these concerns, allowing users to continue using the service independently if needed. Moreover, startups often offer innovative, responsive solutions that can provide significant benefits.

Final Thoughts and Invitation

Jake Moshenko concludes by inviting listeners to engage in discussions about their applications' permissions needs, offering a personalized exploration of how AuthZed could address their challenges. He highlights the opportunity for companies to focus on innovation within their domain by leveraging AuthZed for complex permission management tasks.

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