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January 2024 Product Update

February 5, 2024|3 min read

2024 is gonna be ✨our year✨ As we wrap up January, the team and the community are already off to a roaring start!

A few highlights:

  • Meet us in person at FOSDEM and KubeCon EU!
  • SpiceDB 1.29.0 and 1.29.1 released
  • So much new content!
  • New, revamped office hours - add your question or topic idea here!


FOSDEM Feb 4, 2024 09:15AM, Room K.3.401
Check out Jimmy’s talk at FOSDEM! SpiceDB: mature, open source ReBAC
If you’re attending virtually, the live stream will be available here.

KubeCon EU: March 19 - 22, 2024, Booth A33 Meet members of the AuthZed team in person at Kubecon EU! We’re excited to meet community members in person and spread the word about SpiceDB!

Privacy Files Podcast, Episode: Permissions Management Jake chats with Rich about authorization, SpiceDB, and shares some personal pointers about protecting your PII.

The Digital Executive Podcast, Episode: Revolutionizing Cloud Native Permissions
Brian and Jake discuss the beginnings of SpiceDB and AuthZed, challenges ensuring secure, consistent permissions across microservices in the cloud native ecosystem, and Jake’s vision for the future of AuthZed.

New blog posts



  • SpiceDB v1.29.1 | Release Notes

    • Datastore Watch API now streams checkpoint revisions and schema changes
    • Postgres datastore now supports new experimental Schema Cache
    • Watch API now supports write timeouts
    • Schema watch support for MemDB
    • Additional tests: invalid schema, invalid permissions, and additional datastore revision tests
  • Zed v0.16.3, v0.16.4 | Release Notes

    • fix corruption in zed backup redact\
    • even more shell completion
  • First-time community contributors:

    • @sashayakovtseva contributed a fix to issue #1641: Respect concurrency limits for cluster dispatch
    • @chriskdon contributed a fix to issue #1659: Garbage collector interval not reset after transient error recovery

New for 2024: we’re updating the SpiceDB community office hours format!

To accommodate those with busy schedules and located across time zones, we are now collecting questions and topic submissions asynchronously via this project board and will be uploading recordings of each session to our YouTube channel.

Join via this Discord every other Friday, starting February 16!


  • Discussion regarding the geographical distribution of “ope” in the United States. Conclusion: the midwest has many expressions of deep cultural significance.
  • Hypertapping beats Tetris
  • The verdict is still out on whether a bread machine should produce or consume bread 😛

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