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Product Update: November

December 1, 2021|3 min read

Giving Thanks

As we make our way into holiday season, the team over at Authzed is showing no signs of slowing down. This month we give thanks -- and updates on the product.

November was full of feedback from our quickly growing community. We've been working alongside outside contributors to fix a variety of bugs and mature existing functionality in SpiceDB. November also marks the beginning of a major experiment -- importing schema and relationships from external systems. This functionality can be primarily found in zed, the SpiceDB & Authzed command line tool.

Speaking of Authzed, we're still keeping our eyes out for an SRE to architect and realize our planet-wide deployment of our SpiceDB serverless platform. If these updates catch your interest, check out our careers page.

ICYMI: in addition to posting weekly blog posts, we're now officially posting monthly wrap-ups of events and new functionality we've added to Authzed. We're also giving everyone a little taste of our Slack's random channel and all of it's off-topic goodness.

November Updates

Entropy from #random

  • New Yorkers got their boosters and subsequently their sick days
  • Our friends at Graphite wrote about Stacked changes
  • Is fusion power a reality? I'll stop paying my ConEd bill and find out
  • Someone spent too much time playing with legos and we spent too much time watching them
  • Evan blew our mind with an all-American recipe of adding even more corn to your cornbread
  • While none of us made a Flamin' Hot Turkey, that didn't mean we didn't have our fair share of fun this holiday:
A collage of the collective Authzed team's Thanksgiving

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