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November 2023 Product Updates

December 1, 2023|3 min read

As the days get shorter and the air crisper, we're stoked to bring you some warm and exciting product updates!

A few highlights:


🥜 Evan Cordell discussed the highly relatable problem of getting Policy in your ReBAC and getting ReBAC in your Policy in his latest blog: Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) vs Google Zanzibar: When You Should Use One or the Other

🔎 Victor shared SpiceDB’s handy-dandy tracing UX improvements in a short video: SpiceDB Tracing: How to interpret our OpenTelemetry traces

🎓 Jake taught the fundamentals of modeling permissions and schema building in the first-ever episode of SpiceDB Academy! SpiceDB Academy | Language Primer



  • SpiceDB v1.27 | Release Notes

    • Enhanced traces: identify high-demand parts of your schema
    • Over 50% latency and CPU usage reduction possible with new dispatch deduplication
    • Observability improvements: Go runtime and Spanner performance metrics now available
    • Improved Spanner performance with new watch-driven schema caching compatibility
    • MySQL datastore migration adds a new index addressing inefficiencies in the
    • Watch API Deprecated support for MySQL v5 (EOL)
    • Special thanks to community contributor @bradengroom for fixing Issue 1217 - Run postgres datastore tests with pgbouncer
  • SpiceDB v1.28 | Release Notes

    • Datastore deduplication improvements
    • New "SpiceDB Repair" command will help folks running pg_dump / pg_restore on Postgres-based SpiceDBs
    • Better error reporting on Watch API for CockroachDB-based SpiceDBs
  • SpiceDB-operator v1.12 | Release Notes

    • You can now define the filepath for the CA certificate in the tls config, eliminating the need for additional processing when creating a secret that resides in a different namespace.
    • Adds upgrade edges for SpiceDB 1.26 to the stable channel, which has been out for a while without any known regressions. There is a single-phase migration for postgres.
  • zed CLI v0.15.1 | Release Notes

    • Restore and backup commands can take a long time, depending on the number of relationships. When trying to abort some instances of those commands, zed wouldn't react to Control+C because context cancelation wasn't being checked. With this change the operation will abort immediately⚡


  • In Discord, Yordis shared an easy and delicious method for making Cuban coffee in an imusa pot (you can also use a Moka or similar). Add two tablespoons of cane sugar in the bottom of the pot, add your coffee/espresso as normal and cook it like you normally would. It came out perfect!

  • A lively discussion in the Discord on mechanical keyboard suggestions:

    • The HHKB Studio features a gesture pad aka “the Thinkpad nubbin”
    • The small but mighty NuPhy Air75 came highly recommended
    • The open source Launch keyboard from System76 got rave reviews after demoing at a conference.
  • The AuthZed team shared more breakfast cereal-related trivia:

    • Apparently Oreo-Os have a new recipe since they launched
    • Timing of cereal consumption varied greatly from breakfast to late at night and even in the afternoon.
    • Golden raisins as a cereal topping were generally celebrated

a collage featuring surf and turf buffet, bread turkey, and pie

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