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Product Update: January

February 10, 2022|5 min read

Welcoming the New Year

January has already come and gone! With 2022 officially upon us, we're happy to announce another month jam-packed with updates.

In December, SpiceDB had a huge new feature release: wildcards. Like any sufficiently large new feature, this functionality was not without some initial hiccups: wildcards didn't have their full semantics present in authzed.api.v1.LookupResources responses. Being the developers of a security product, the team decided that there was no time like the present to test our vulnerability mitigation workflow, so that any future issues would have a tried-and-tested process. We documented our experience on our blog and provided valuable product feedback to the team at GitHub.

The rest of the month maintained a focus on improving the transparency of API performance by landing major functionality in both Authzed.com and Authzed Enterprise. SpiceDB API responses now returns additional metadata that is surfaced in debug logs for zed and metrics in the Authzed Dashboard. This metadata is useful for understanding the complexity and cache usage while responding to the request.

You can also keep your eyes out for our upcoming talk at Carnegie Mellon University as well as the an upcoming Kubelist podcast. If you need something to hold you over in the mean time, we published another video of us modeling familiar apps, this time Google Groups. Google Groups is pretty interesting as it has lots of user configurable permissions and is created by the same company that built Zanzibar, the inspiration for SpiceDB.

ICYMI: in addition to posting weekly blog posts, we're now officially posting monthly wrap-ups of events and new functionality we've added to Authzed. We're also giving everyone a little taste of our Slack's random channel and all of it's off-topic goodness.

January Updates

Open Source


  • The Playground got various fixes for Safari users
  • Dispatch, Caching, and Billing metrics are now available in Authzed Dashboard
  • Authzed.com users can now delete development permission systems
  • Authzed.com users have access to an alpha HTTP Gateway
  • Emails from the dashboard got way prettier thanks to Maizzle

Authzed Enterprise

  • OIDC is now available for authentication in addition to the existing Auth0 support
  • Installations now have an system-org with tenancy and load testing permission systems
  • Load testing can now be performed on installations configured without TLS

Blogs / Talks

Entropy from #random

  • Despite reading the story about quitting caffeine, our coffee connoisseurs are still dependent
  • Speaking of coffee, our laziest are now ordering flash-frozen brews
  • Among all of the misinformation, there's a ray of hope: a peer-reviewed paper proving cannabinoids prevents COVID19
  • We're all ready to throw out our TVs now that QD-OLED has begun shipping
  • We found a thread of no-code utilities for startups, but haven't tried a single one
  • Microsoft bought Activision-Blizzard... we hope they got a discount.
  • US Residents can and should get their free COVID19 test kits
  • The folks over at GitHub must be LOTR fans, because they've got an API event called gollum
  • We're hyped for the Netflix Cuphead animation, but that's still no DLC expansion!
  • Roblox had an interesting outage. They should probably talk to our friends at Polar Signals
  • The New York Fed publishes their economic models (written in Julia!), but they have some concerning comments
  • Biscuits got a 2.0 release, which is a nice iteration on the previous-generation of authorization
  • The parents on our team are starting their kids off young
  • The US Gov released a Zero Trust memo, only one person in the world read it, but he explained it for us
  • Pour one out for Dgraph Labs -- we'll still contribute and offer to maintain any shared code between the two of us
  • Wordle got a big exit! It's great to hear a success story from a totally bootstrapped startup
  • It's official, we all got removed from the Quay GitHub org:

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