Product Update: September

Product Update: September

Authzed’s First Anniversary

Can you believe it? It’s been a whole year since Jake, Joey, and I left Red Hat to found Authzed. While it was pretty ambitious for us to start a company during a global pandemic, what else were we supposed to do while we were stuck inside?

We’ve accomplished a lot over the past year, but I thought I’d include some highlights:

Reading this list back, I couldn’t be more proud of us. It’s only going to be onward and upward from here. With that being said, September was our biggest and most exciting month yet!

Are you out of the loop? In addition to posting weekly blog posts, we’re now officially posting monthly wrap-ups of events and new functionality we’ve added to Authzed. We’re also giving everyone a little taste of our Slack’s random channel and all of it’s off-topic goodness.

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Product Update: September
Authzed's First Anniversary
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